tinytale #58 ‘My Little Friend’


I had a bad day at work. Despite all the efforts to avoid a bitter conversation, I got into one. I took an early exit from the office and head to home to rest for the day.

Closing the door behind I hear a voice of my cat, Silky. She comes waging her tail and jumped on me. I missed her terribly and guess so did she. That’s the best part of her, she makes me feel loved, unlike my job.

I move my fingers through her hairs and she purrs. She licks my fingers showering her love and makes me feel wanted. Why I even left her alone for a job that gives me only headache?

I write my resignation and send it to my boss. I need a break with Silky before I start looking for a new job I would love to go.

tinytale #57 ‘Paper Boat’


He tore two pages from the end of his notebook and ran. Outside, a boy was waiting for him. He gave a page to him and both ran out of the house.

After a long spell of rain, the sky was clear and the sun had come out from behind the clouds. The water clogged in the mud pits and potholes.

Sitting on the steps outside of a closed shop they started folding their paper in hand.

‘Here, it is.’ He showed his boat proudly to the boy struggling with his paper to make his own.

‘Let me help you. Take mine.’ Within seconds he finished making another boat.

They examined the potholes finding the one that was bigger and had the most water. Other boys of the neighborhood also came with their paper boats. They sat on their haunches and sailed their boats amidst of cheering.

tinytale #56 ‘The Great Confusion’


My life is full of confusion and days are entangled in a dilemma. The great confusion of what job I priorities over the other.

My happiness lies in reading a book on a sunny morning with a steaming mug of coffee. But, my work demands me to open the laptop and send emails.

The chat groups ask to reply to the messages but I either calling or forwarding the calls and replying to the work emails and messages.

My friends want me to join them on a lunch date but my responsibilities call me to visit the supermarket and bring supplies for the week.

A perfect evening is having pizza and watching a movie in bed. I rather end up doing dishes and preparing for the next morning making to-do-list.

The fight is always on between what I desire and what’s needed. The confusion doesn’t end on holidays either.

tinytale #55 ‘True Lies’


Never knew there would be a day when I was pushed to my lowest. When I was broken and I didn’t have a shoulder to cry.

Never thought a day came when my existence was questioned. Those around me, I treasured, cherished ask about my utility in their life and when they don’t find me of any use, they leave.

I should be thankful, my life has become less chaotic and I know what purpose I have. They did me a favor. Without them, I would never understand my worth.

They might forget me and never look back but I promise I will never forget the lesson they teach me. Their numerous lies are my treasure. I will keep them safe.

They shook me to wake up to the reality and popped the balloons of lies they told. The best was to stay forever.

tinytale #54 ‘Confessions of a Reader’


  • I carry a book wherever I go.
  • I watch my book-shelf many times in a day and count books once a day. It gives me immense pleasure.
  • I spend more on books than on dresses. I am always short on books and end up buying more than I planned but never regretted.
  • Before I start reading a book, I stare at the cover for long. If the cover has so many elements in it, it will take longer until I memorize every small detail of the cover.
  • I hate when someone calls in the middle of the chapter and once I wanted to kill the damn person called just before the last chapter of a suspense novel.
  • I find this strange when someone says that they have never read a book. Is this humanly possible to live without books?