Behold, I Shine


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35052059.jpgAuthor – Freny Manecksha

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 184

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Behold, I Shine’ showcase the struggle of women and children of Valley of Kashmir. The book is an attempt to give a voice to the forgotten struggle of half of the population; women and their equal contribution in bringing the peace in the valley. The book also brings to focus on the childhood of the Kashmiri children bound to confined in four walls and grow in between gunfire and curfews and seeing a security force check-post on every corner.

The book narrates some of the incidents which shaken the valley and still fresh in the mind of the people. They are still trying to cope with the life and move on with the days. There are stories of once an ordinary homemaker who have taken on the judiciary in the name of justice and now fighting for other women having a similar story.

The women once confined to the four walls of the house and considered bad if she dares to raise a voice are bound to visit the Police Stations in search of her missing son, husband, and father. They are not educated enough because they were never considered as a bread earner but circumstances made them take odd jobs to support their families and give a better future to their children in spite of taking rounds of visits to trace missing family members and bring justice to their unreasonable and unjustified killing.

The stories of these women are not of grief and pain, they are stories of their struggle to get the right to live in peace which they are entitled to. The stories of these women need to be told which the author did very meticulously and must reach to the people.

I congratulate the author for painstakingly bringing the real stories of Kashmiri women after years of visiting, talking, listening and researching and sometimes get herself in trouble to get the stories out of the land of Kashmir. ‘Behold, I Shine’ celebrates the mighty spirit of the Valley.

Author Bio

Freny Manecksha is an independent journalist, published in Himal Southasian and The Times of India: Crest Edition, among other publications, who has reported extensively from Kashmir, covering human rights and development issues. She has also worked with The times of India and The Indian Express. Freny lives in Mumbai.

You can reach to her at Twitter@Evilsickularist

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tinytale #15 ‘Turtle’


From the day he comes to life. He heard of stories of predators hunting and killing turtles and the world outside is not safe for him. How hawks pick while flying and kill them to eat. How his many brothers and sisters killed in the hands of predators waiting for them to come outside. Mamma told him to be cautious and if he senses any danger hide into the shell.

He gets anxious and fearful. He gets into his shell as soon he saw someone come near him. The whole day he plays hide-and-seek with himself.

Mamma watches him hiding and not coming outside of his shell except to eat. She asks him to come under the sun and dive into the water.

“But, I fear,” he said.

“That’s life. It starts from the moment you face your fear.”

The Boy from Pataliputra


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34511154.jpgAuthor – Rahul Mitra

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 381

Publisher – FingerPrint Publishers

What if you lost your dearest and only family in the hands of injustice and political conspiracy? Would you take the revenge or isolate yourself and mourn. Will you not instrument the fire burning in you to bring down the conspirator to beg for his life?

The story set in the backdrop of 330BC. Alexander is on a mission to invade every kingdom and win over the world and become the mighty ruler of the whole world, a world conqueror. After invading and looting Persia, now Alexander is eyeing on India. Its innumerable treasures of gold and silver made it a dream of every ruler to conquer and attain undying glory.

Thousands of kilometers away, a carefree and reckless boy’s life turned upside down when he was forced to leave the city of Pataliputra. With Pataliputra, he left a boy in him behind and become a man, who now has a purpose to live, to fight for honor and love.

It is a story of revenge. A story of a jovial and unbothered boy Aditya who was living in the shadow and forced to take the sword in hand. It is well-written, entertaining, captivating and an excellent read for the historical fantasy readers. What could be better than sitting in comfort of your room and travel centuries ago? Well, this book will take you to time travel in 4th century BC.

The book has many relatable everyday characters which engage the reader more and compel him to delve deeper and keep reading until the book finishes of itself. And that is not all, the story doesn’t end at the last page. The book is a part of a trilogy and two more books are about to hit the shelf. So, you have a fair chance to grab this book before the next read hit the shelf and be ready to travel again in the world of words with Rahul Mitra.

Author Bio

Rahul Mitra grew up in Delhi and is currently working as an IT Marketing Professional with a multinational company in Mumbai. Passionately interested in all things Indian, Rahul is vociferous in his opinions about India, its people, and its culture. Like many others before him, he believes he can change the world and influence people through his writings.

You can reach to him at Twitter@kyarebaingan

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tinytale #14 ‘Fly’


She left her newborns early morning to find some food. The moment they wake up, they will create a commotion. Mamma knows that.

She brings the food and feeds them with her beak. She flies again and brings more food and water for her younglings. She wants to make them strong before they started flying.

One day she came back with grains of barley and shocked to find her babies nowhere. She cried to call them, but her voice reached to no one.

Her heart filled with panic and anxiety. She looked here and there in search of her young ones.

At a distance from home, she finds them flying from one roof to another, from one arch to another, from one wall to another, laughing, cheering and talking loudly. She joined them and her children enveloped her and filling her with their first flight stories.

tinytale #13 ‘Ice-cream’


She was standing with her mother slurping the mango bar ice-cream. He was standing with his mother who is talking to her mother.

He looks at her ice-cream and pursed his lips. She doesn’t look affected and continued eating while holding another ice-cream in other hand. Soon, her ice-cream is about to finish. The boy gaze shifted from the one she is eating to the one in other hand.

She finished eating her ice-cream and noticed the boy looking at her. She passed him a smile. He smiled back.

She came forward and touched the boy on the cheek. He blushed. The girl offered the ice-cream bar to the boy. He hesitantly takes it while brushing his fingers with the girls’ hand. He felt a tingle in his heart.

The mothers smiled looking at their 3-year-old kids.

The Baba Ramdev Phenomenon


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61+vF0YOyVL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgAuthor – Kaushik Deka

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 184

Publisher – Rupa Publications

A boy from a small village in Haryana to a businessman. From Ram Kishen to Baba Ramdev. From village school to the Himalayas to yoga guru to public icon to businessman to politics. From a common man to most influential individuals of the decade.

Baba Ramdev, the face of Patanjali and Yoga in the country was born to a marginal farmer family, at Saidalipur, a nondescript village in Haryana. His father, a devout Hindu, named the boy ‘Ram Kishen’ as a devotion and gratitude to Lord Ram. He was intelligent and bright and excelling in his academics. The family had huge hopes that one day this boy will change their life and bring pride to the family. But, tragedy struck soon. It was a paralytic attack which resulted in his permanent disability.

The book is a detailed account of the life of the most sought-after India’s Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who started his journey from two disciples who come to learn yoga for health benefits to become the face of the Patanjali Ayurved; an unpaid brand ambassador.

‘Patanjali Ayurved has turned out to be the most disruptive force in the Indian FMCG market. It witnessed a whopping annual growth of 146% in the fiscal year 2016, grossing a turnover of US$769 million.’—Assocham–TechSci research report.

The book is a life account showcases his journey from his first brush with Yoga to cure his disability to become a Yoga icon of the country and a promise he made to cure and prevent people from diseases and ailment. A will to stand on his feet after paralysis to determination to change the picture of the country by making everyone healthy from in-house made products

The book also has little tit-bits of his close acquaintance Acharya Balkrishna; the brain behind Patanjali’s rise. The book does not attempt to give him a larger than life image or try to portray him in the positive limelight or clear out the smoke of controversies surrounded him. The book is not an all praise story rather an honest account of a boy Ram Kishen to Baba Ramdev, ‘From Moksha to Market’.

Author Bio

Kaushik Deka is a Senior Associate Editor with India Today. He hails from Tihu, a sleepy town in lower Assam. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, Deka has earlier co-authored the book ‘The Secret Killings of Assam’.

You can reach to him at Twitter@KDscribe

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tinytale #12 ‘Meow’


Every morning I find her standing at my door and saying ‘meow’. I shoo her, she takes few steps back and sits there, not ready to leave.

Again, after some time I heard her crying ‘meow’. She came to the door and peek into the room. I shout at her and did loud thumping to scare her away. She scared, turned and walk away taking small steps.

Before going out of sight, she turned once again and looked at me with innocence.

She accused me with those eyes.

I went into the kitchen, pour some milk in a bowl and came out to see her and find her peeking into the room standing at the door.

I put the bowl down to her. Her eyes met mine and she gazed at me and then to the bowl in amazement and started slurping the milk.

The Seven Year Dress


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30142931.jpgAuthor – Paulette Mahurin

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 324

Publisher – Early Girl Enterprises

Hope is the only thing which makes everything possible. When humanity is murdered in front of her eyes, people are beaten to death every second for no reason. Hope becomes her survival instinct. She sleeps every night listening to the sounds of gunshots, voices coming out of pain, screams of people yelling for mercy and telling to herself that ‘Nothing Lasts’.

In 1919, Helen Stein born to a Jewish family in Berlin, Germany and raised with love with her three siblings. She is happy to find her best friend in Max; forced to play a role in the German army. She dreams to have a life filled with love and a family of her own and have many children’s one day. No one saw it coming that the history of Germany is going to change in few years and that changed the life of Jews. This changed the way the world looked at Germany, once was a peaceful and prosperous country. One man behind all is Adolf Hitler.

The story weaved during the time of World War II. How a girl in Auschwitz tortured and tormented, seeing death and brutality, midst of blood bath and hypocrites mocking and laughing at the pain of the people and finding pleasure in hurting and killing people whose only crime is that they are Jews and in a position of helplessness. When death is hanging on her in every second, going through the unthinkably awful period of her life she encountered compassion, selfless acts of kindness, and friendship.

A treat to historical fiction reader. A must read. A definite page-turner. It is not only about history and the story interweaved around the period. The way the story unfolds and captivates the reader is phenomenal. The author put the well-researched documented historical facts remarkably. The book is admirable and brilliant. The story touched the heart of the readers and compels to ask what kind of humans would do such barbaric act with another human.

Author Bio

Paulette Mahurin, an award-winning author, lives with her husband Terry and two dogs in Ventura County, California. Her first novel, ‘The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap’, made it to Amazon bestsellers lists and won multiple awards, including best historical fiction of the year 2012. Her third novel, To Live Out Loud, won international critical acclaim and favorite read book of 2015.

She practices women’s health in a rural clinic and writes in her spare time. She is an animal advocate and has been involved with dog rescue, along with her husband, for the past twenty-eight years. Profits from her book sales go to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.

You can reach to her at


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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

tinytale #11 ‘Friends’


They are sitting around a table, smiling, giggling, teasing, and laughing.

Happiness encircles them. When one laughs, everyone laughs. When one cries, everyone cry. When one hurt, everyone feels the pain.

They party together. They study together. They fight to one another. They fight for each other. They stand against. They stand together. They are hope to each other. They are a reason to smile for each other. They stand shoulder to shoulder on every footing and face together every adversity.

They are shoulder to cry. A heart to love. A lip to smile. An eye to cry. A life to worth a die. They came together to never fall apart.

They are four but look like one. They are friends.

“Toss to our eternal love and friendship,” Sandy said and they clinked the glasses.

tinytale #10 ‘Barbie’


Barbie. A blond hair beautiful doll. Her favorite. Her best friend. Her world.

She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She unwrapped the box quickly and take her out to show her pals. They all praised the Barbie. She blushed. She couldn’t sleep the first night and kept looking at Barbie lying on the bed and caressing her.

She took great care of her. She combs her hair every day. Bought new clothes and jewelry for her. She sleeps with her, hugging her tight. Before going out and after coming, she first ran to Barbie to confirm. Is she alright?

Now, she no longer plays with Barbie. She is a grown-up.

Barbie awaits for her in a box contains long abandoned things in a corner of a store room. The store room which is meant to be a place of things no longer needed.