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‘Letters from Heaven’ is Live now.

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Letters from her dead husband arrive suddenly for Radhika one day. Grief-stricken at having lost her husband to cancer a few months ago, she is learning to live without him. Trying to cope with life and accept the reality that he is no more.

Are the letters messages for her from the beyond?

Baffled by the letters, Radhika tries to unravel the truth behind the letters. Is her husband trying to send her messages? Can she believe in the letters?

Do the letters come from Heaven? Is someone playing a prank on her or have they truly have come from the stars? Is it possible to communicate in the afterlife?

This is a story about the power of love – in life and the afterlife.

A definite page-turner that will touch your soul.

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Tiny Tale #61 ‘Red Rose’



I was walking along the beach looking at the sunset. My legs were soaked in water and mud sticking to them. I rolled my jeans up to the knee and walked a little lower in the sea.

I turned to walk to a near bench to watch the sunset and the endless sea while relaxing. Fortunately, the bench was empty but there was something on it that stopped me to look around before I sit.

A red rose.

I looked around to find the rightful owner of that rose. How could someone forget that beautiful thing? There was no one around I could ask about the rose.

Leaves were plucked from one side as in anger. I brought it up and looked at the sun through it. A smile played on my lips. The rose belonged to me. I am the rightful owner whom it gave the delight of its presence.

tinytale #60 ‘Professional Procrastinator’


He has this brilliant idea for the next bestseller. He wants to start working on it as soon as and get it finished. He couldn’t wait for that moment when he shares the news with the world.

He writes its summary in the diary and sealed his story inside it for the night.

‘I will begin this story from tomorrow morning.’

He got up the next day and thought to finish some of his work and then sit down to write the story. The whole day he told himself that he will begin the story soon. First, he needs to finish the work in hand. He finished his work by evening and sit back to write but he feels so tired to begin it.

‘Maybe I should begin it from tomorrow morning.’ He tells himself and got up.

tinytale #59 ‘Exclusive Offer’


I was sipping my coffee when I felt two eyes watching over me. I looked up and found a fairly handsome man looking at me. Our eyes met and we exchanged a smile.

Wearing a white shirt and grey pants looked like he came on a coffee break. I concentrated on my coffee avoiding another eye contact with him. Not that I wasn’t interested but I didn’t want to seem desperate.

After some time he walked to me and said, ‘Hi, I have an exclusive offer for you. Our company makes an organic shampoo that can do wonders to your long hairs’.


I listened to him and rejected his offer politely. He must be disheartened but I wasn’t in need of a shampoo. Also, I felt stupid and wanted to run somewhere and hid in a corner.

I came out of the cafe and laugh out loud I was suppressing this whole time.