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image004.jpgAuthor – Jatin Gupta

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 136

Publisher – Rupa Publication

What does it take to be a winner? To born with the skill? What must a sportsperson have to reach on top of his/her game?

This book talks about some of the traits sportspersons have that makes them a legend. Legends do not born in a day. It took years and a lot of sweat and blood on the court/field to reach to the top and the tough part is to maintain the spot.

Saina Nehwal is a face of badminton in India where the game of Cricket is a God. A country no other sport has such kind exposure and admiration in the fans. She gives badminton a new height and the role model to the coming generations. She is a queen of her game. An interesting revelation of her personality traits that make her a legend. A career started at an early age of nine and coached under four mentors. Driven by willpower and never-say-die attitude, inspired by her parents and coaches, Saina is a warrior who rises after every fall.

‘Relentless pursuit of one’s dream with absolute discipline is the only fuel which willpower you to the top of your game’

The book also talks about her relationship with her mentors and how important the role they played in her career. She is a brilliant student who listens to every advice of her mentor and works on them. Her biggest critic and first coach is her mother, a badminton player herself.

The book is a learning experience. It is helpful and informative for the professionals in every field and not only for a sportsperson. The author breakdown the traits to make it more simple to understand and coupled them with the example of successful people and how they made it big. Learn how Saina made it to the top, practice it in your life and profession and climb the ladder of success.

Author Bio

Jatin Gupta is the Head of Business Operations at a leading sports-related company. He is a management professional with over fourteen years of work experience in consumer product, consulting, financial services and sports industry. He has handled various leadership positions with different organizations like Deloitte and Invesco. A traveler at heart, Jatin is also a voracious reader who likes to indulge in the world of biographies and fiction often. This is his first attempt at non-fiction where he has tried to share a few of his learning’s from the professional world.

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