image010Author – Chanchal Sanyal

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 184

Publisher – Rupa Publisher

The glass house is a story of a couple looking for their nest in the capital city, Delhi. But, home ownership becomes a herculean task for them and a test of their relationship. It is a story of a middle-class couple fighting for survival and looking for happiness with a long-term dream to have their house in an urban land, Gurgaon.

A college professor is on the lookout for a dream home for him and his designer wife Roshni. They are a yuppie couple living in the busiest, noisiest, most modern and smog-encrusted city of Delhi, rich in history and politics. They were planning and saving for this house from long. They have finally achieved their dream of buying their own apartment in a coming builder complex in Gurgaon. The problem begins when the project stopped abruptly and that becomes a trying time of their otherwise happy marriage. Their dream of having their home sooner looks like will take a while longer than they thought.

The story involves characters other than the protagonist couple that brings twists in the tale and challenges for the couple. The intrusive and influential landlord and his over-friendly son, builder, staffroom politics and a beautiful college colleague interweaved with themes of infidelity and suspicion.

The Glass House is an urban story showing many facets of life. The story is good and refreshing. The plot is different, relatable and well developed. The writing style is brilliant and impressive. It’s an emotionally charged gripping story that fascinates readers. A testing life of an urban working couple of Delhi struggling with daily challenges and finding a house of their dreams. The cities many moods and characters swinging their life in between somewhere. An enjoyable read.

Author Bio

Chanchal Sanyal is an entrepreneur in the live events and activation space of the advertising industry, currently based in Gurgaon. He has been at various times – sometimes concurrently – college lecturer, itinerant traveler, advertising professional, business owner and now, writer.

A resident of Delhi, he has seen the city grow, evolve, mutate and spawn a Noida and a Gurgaon in hastily contracted marriages with its neighbouring states. The city and its people are of endless fascination to him.

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