image015Author – Ruchi Vadehra

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 236

Publisher – Rupa Publications

‘Great Textpectations’ is a story of new age romance and heartbreaks. The new age love starts with texting and ends on blocking the number. The virtual love and virtual relationships are the base of this story. It is easy to be connected all the time, crediting technology and not physically present with him or her. Based on ‘text is the new talk’, this book talks about relationships without baggage.

Amaya, thirty-five, single and ready to mingle wants a boy who could understand her and her field of work. One who could understand giving space in relationship and respect who she is. She is a lover of words. She met a boy while playing Scrabble online, and that’s how their story started. Starting from a casual talk and ended becoming friends and exchanging numbers, this relationship goes offline and they decided to meet. What happens to the virtual relationship when they meet in the real world?

The metro city and metro culture are in the backdrop of the story. In the cities where life is too fast to keep the balance, relationships are becoming more and more fragile. Lust overpower the magic of love, changing equations of the new age relationships and romance in the fast-paced life where dreams and ambitions take the front seat and relations sits in the back seat.

The story is interesting and of a new age. It surely appeals to the texting generation who believes in keeping the world in their pocket and everything at just a click away. The story is relatable. The characters are sorted and clear. Relationships have changed in the last decades and this book talks about the changed mindsets. A story of modern love.

Author Bio

Ruchi Vadehra belongs to a family of writers from both sides of parentage. Writing is, thus, homecoming to her. She began with conceptualising and co-editing a neighbourhood community newsletter which inspired her to take forward her zest for words, people and travel, through fiction.

Ruchi lives with her husband, two children and family in New Delhi. Great Textpectations is her first book.

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