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Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 272

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Man Singh is a story of a man whom circumstances made a thief, murderer, and a dacoit. It is a tale of fate that took an ugly turn left a simple village farmer son with no other option than to break the law and took refuge in the jungle. Once was a law-abiding man, now a lawbreaker.

No one wanted to be a murderer and run for rest of his life, death was looming on his head. This book by Kenneth Anderson is a story of one such man who had no other choice than to take the path he never wanted to.

The book has incidents of his life and encounters with the outer world that left an impact on the lives unknowingly that made him a King of the poor and riches dreaded him. He was not only the King of the dacoits but also of poor, took his name with great regard. He was loved, respected and worshiped by the oppressed in the hands of the riches. He was a brother/son to them. Man Singh was an angel for those people sent by the God himself in their life. The law protectors of four states sought him, the villagers and almsperson who think of him as one of their own, supported him. Man Singh and his gang of dacoits never harmed anyone without a reason.

This is one adventures tale of Rajah Man Singh, the undisputed king of dacoits. A thrilling and chilling inside account of his life, expeditions, killings, and mercy, he only granted to innocent and poor and who had nothing to do with him. He was fierce, cruel, cunning, sly, clever and brave with the heart of a lion. A runner from the law, dutiful son, and well-wisher of the poor such was the Rajah Man Singh.

It’s a fascinating story of a man and how cruel sometimes the fate played its card who made a common man a dacoit. It was a pleasure reading the life of Man Singh had so many shades. And time and again, no one could stand or win with time.

Author Bio

Kenneth Anderson (1910-74) was a hunter, nature enthusiast and an adventure-seeker. His love for the denizens of the jungle led to some of the best literature on wildlife and his books are acclaimed as classics. He wrote about eight books and sixty-short stories which recount many of his real-life adventures and hunting exploits in the jungles of South India.

Anderson belonged to a Scottish family settled in India for six generations. He spent most of his life in Bengaluru, where he was employed with an aeronautics company. His invaluable contributions to the shikar literature in India continues to inspire scores of wildlife lovers.

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