image001Author – Anna Sewell

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 270

Publisher – Rupa Publications

I have never read anything like this before. This is truly the most exciting and emotional read. This book is addictive and remarkably good. I have read animal stories before but no story talked about the treatment of the animals. After reading this, I become more sympathetic to animals. I just do not have enough words to explain what the book exactly is. The book touches the heart and I would definitely like to read it again.

Black Beauty is the first major animal story in children’s literature and the only book by Anna Sewell, released just before her death. The book is aiming to talk about the treatment of horses and other animals with care. It talks about the cruelty and hardships faced by the Black Beauty; a well-bred horse and other horses he met and his various masters. Anna observed that in the name of fashion the animals endured cruelty and Anna wanted to raise a voice against such behavior. She wanted the owners/caretakers to be more sympathetic and treat their horses and other animals with respect.

The story is of a well-bred horse, Black Beauty who tells his story. He opens a different world for the readers. The book remains a classic for the young and old. This is truly a timeless story loved by all. The way author written, is exceptional. Anna wanted to induce kindness in the treatment of animals, considering them also a living being. Animals too feel hurt and suffer, and should be treated with great care. I am sure this book definitely help in changing the way you look at animals and be more sensitive. This is truly a great book and must read. You do not need to think twice to pick this book.

Author Bio

Anna Sewell was born on 30 March 1820 in Great Yarmouth, County Norfolk, England to Mary Wright Sewell and Isaac Sewell. One day, while returning home from school, Anna fell and hurt her ankles badly. Her condition worsened and did not allow her to stand or walk for longer periods. Anna, who had been an active child, now travelled to health spas to help cure her ankle injuries but she found little respite. When she was at home, Anna took to travelling about in a chaise pulled by a pony.

While in her fifties, Sewell first thought of writing a book about horses. Black Beauty was published shortly before Sewell’s death in 1878. But it was enough that she saw the change that her book had brought in regarding the treatment of the horses everywhere.

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