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image003 (2)Author – Johanna Spyri

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 215

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Heidi as the name and the cover of the book suggests is a story of a small girl called Heidi. When you read the story, you find Heidi is not about just a girl. It is a story of an angel sent by the God in the life of the characters of the story called Heidi.

The story narrates the displeasure and delight of the girl who is so little to understand the life but understand the sorrows of the people and wanted to get them rid of all the grief. She shares their pain and makes them happy again. She brings a smile to the life of the people with her sweet talk and little efforts. She finds happiness seeing others happy.

Heidi has a heart of a little girl. She cries easily and holds the people come in her life dear to the heart. They are special to her, everyone. She never forgets.

Once I started, the book I could not put it down. It’s impossible for you too. Heidi is a girl you feel attached to within minutes of the start of the book. She is indeed a special girl who brings a smile to your lips and makes you cry with her. I liked the other characters of Clara, grandfather, grandmother, and others.

Heidi is a happy story. It brings happy tears to your eyes and makes you smile. You unconsciously become a part of the life of the Heidi and share her griefs and joys. It is a story that speaks about the joy of giving and helping those in need. It is a story of having faith in the Almighty and hope of better things they send in your life, as God never forgets you.

You won’t find a better story than this one to share the joy of reading with your family and friends.

Author Bio

Johanna Louise Heusser, the fourth child of Meta Schweizer and Johan Jakob Heusser was born on 12 June 1827 in the village of Herzil, nestled in the Swiss Alps. She went to school and was also tutored at home. Later, in Zurich, she studied language and piano. In 1852, she married lawyer Bernhard Spyri with whom she had a son. After marriage, the couple moved into a home overlooking the lake in Zurich where she wrote her first novel, A Leaf on Vrony’s Grove, which was published in 1871.

Heidi was published in 1880. Spyri received much acclaim for the book, though she already published many short stories for children and adults. During her later years, she busied herself raising a niece, doing charity work and writing more stories.

Johanna Spyri died on 7 July 1901 in Zurich, where she is interred in the family plot.

‘I received a copy from Publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’