38521313Author – Nrupal Das

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 14

The boy is a story of a family. That family is ours. That boy could be you.

The story of a boy who went to play his usual tennis ball cricket in a nearby field. Nothing was unusual that day. Until in the evening when the boy does not return and a friend tells her mom that the boy never went to play that day.

A frantic search begins with the neighbors and the boy’s friends pulling in all their resources. Does the boy return? Where did he go? Where was he taken? What happens at the end?

The boy is an interesting story of a small boy loves his parents and happy in his small world around his parents, school, friends, and cricket. We were all like this at that tender age when nothing was a lie and every word seems true.

The start is good. You get totally into the story. I eagerly waited for the story to unfold. The story carries the innocence. It is relatable and emotional. I like the plot of the story which is great.

The boy is a perfect companion for your coffee break. A short story of a boy that speaks to you and he too likes a happily ever after family stories.

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