38504261Author – Shree Janani

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 12


Format – ebook

The Accident is a story about an accident which changed the life of two people. In the eyes of the law, the accident happened by the ignorance of the driver and killed a person along with the lady driving the car.

A married man runs out of the house for a run after a bitter argument with his wife to calm himself before bringing the topic again and convince his wife for that matter. A middle-aged woman went out in a rush after reaching no conclusion of a decision she made with her husband. The fate brings both of them on the same spot and met the same destiny.

The Accident is a short story of twelve pages. It is a short thriller which ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more. I love the plot of the story, it is brilliant. The story completes a full circle and ends where it starts. It is a story of four individuals collided by fate.

The story has more to say. An element of suspense with an unexpected ending. Best for a quick read. A good, engaging and enthralling read.

Author Bio

Shree Janani is a simple human with curly hairs. She is an engineer by education and profession and a writer by vocation. She is a proud bibliophile and love to write and read and sometimes bake cakes. Music is her other love and gives insane pleasure. She aspires to be a good human. You can connect with her at Goodreads, Twitter@shreejanani. Website – iwritehere.wordpress.com

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