37538771.jpgAuthor – Koral Dasgupta

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 252

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Rasia is a story of dance, passion and obsession. A man passionate about his craft of dancing. A wife, a student and a perfect partner. A made for each other couple. A stubborn and obsessed girl. A Bharatnatyam show in Manhattan which brings them all on one stage.

The story revolves around dance and passion. Raj Shekhar Subramaniam keeping his unhappy and unfortunate past behind and giving his dream a bigger picture trying to run ahead of time. He wants to shadow his past with the clinquant future so no one questions his past and he will have nothing to regret. His passion for Bharatanatyam is uncompromising.

The story captivates you as soon you get in the forty-fifty pages in the book. The characters of Raj Shekhar Subramaniam and Vatsala Pandit are mysterious and interesting. I like the way the author explores the characters and give them space to come forward and speak the readers directly. The characters communicate with you and open their heart to peek in.

The character of Mansi is simple and well sorted. She has nothing to hide. She is at peace with her life and happy to see her husband grow and support his passion for Bharatnatyam. She is an obedient student and a perfect partner for life and dance.

The story is perfect and worked well for me. A journey of a self-made man behind whose lie the contribution of two women. One who supported him and stands as a rock and other challenged him to perform on stage with her. Find out who is a better partner with him on stage.

A story of the dance of desire. An excellent story, well articulated and superbly narrated. The story speaks perfection.

Author Bio

Koral Dasgupta’s stories appear randomly through her books, academic lectures, speeches, columns and paintings. A literary movement founded by her, www.tellmeyourstory.in, hosts short stories and poems written by people across age, professions and geographies.

As a professor of Marketing, Communications and Creative Writing, she conducts workshops and talks at educational and corporate floors. She also consults with the corporate in marketing communication and content space. She is an advisory member with CBFC Mumbai.

 Rasia: The Dance of Desire is her third book.

You can reach her on Twitter or Instagram @Rasia_thebook.

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‘I received a copy from Publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’