37639699.jpgAuthor – Jugal Hansraj

Illustrator – Shrirang Sathaye

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 163

Publisher – Red Turtle (Rupa Publications)

I want to read more. I did not like the story ends. Everyone has a child inside and this book is for that child. I love the colorful illustrations that made my reading more pleasurable and interesting. Cross Connection is a story for every child of every age group.

Bhole Ram the Brave is a big grey elephant. He is the most reliable and every animal in the circus bank upon him. He is brave, intelligent and smart. He is ready to walk miles on the name of friendship. Chunky the Funky monkey is notorious and prankster. He likes, no, loves to play pranks and most on Chintamani, the Lion. The majestic looking king of beasts is actually a timid and scared cat by heart. Other characters are Jenny, Savitri, Pintu Da, Uncle Geri and Kaalia. All the animals live happily and perform in ‘The Great Indian Circus’.

In a freak accident on a dark night, the bodies of Bhole Ram and Chunky’s get switched and they are forced to live each other’s lives. And it is not easy as it sounds.

Every character has its own characteristic qualities and adds fun and laughter to the story. It won’t be surprising if you get lost in the story and finds Chunky and Pintu Da jumping in front of your eyes and you too want to join Chunky in his mischief.

A complete package for your day and your kids. I am sure your kids will love it and a child in you also deserves a delightful read that brings back the finest memories of early childhood reads. Turn the pages of Cross Connection, swing on the trapeze, balance on the beach ball and let the child lose.


Jugal Hansraj is a feature film actor, writer and a National Award-winning film director based in Mumbai. He began working in films as a child actor, Masoom (1983) and went on to become a lead actor in films like Papa Kahte Hai (1996) and Mohabbatein (2000). In 2006, he turned writer-director and made the animated film Roadside Romeo and in 2010 he directed the feature film Pyaar Impossible! He is currently the Head of Creative Development for new projects at Dharma Productions. Cross Connections is his first book.

Shrirang Sathaye has been an animation lover, designer and director for thirty years. He currently works as an animation consultant. His other interests include political/satirical cartoons and illustrations.

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‘I received a copy from Publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’