51RM7xgo8aL.jpgAuthor – Manish Kumar

Rating – 2.5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 145

Publisher – Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Life is what you make it. Things do not happen after cautioning you about their arrival but you are expected to be prepared for them. This is how life is, unexpected and full of surprises. The life of protagonist of this story is somewhat same and goes through a lot of twists and took unexpected turns tests his patience and will to carry on with the dreams with the weight of fear of losing his love.

When Love Happens is a story of a boy, Nish. He falls in love with his classmate while in school, G. G is from a conservative family and her family doesn’t approve of their relationship though G never promised anything to Nish. Nish always wished a future with her and hope of a life together. Little did Nish knew that that love will have a lasting impact on his life and career and also decides the person he is going to become. They remain friends and their relationship goes on and off all this while he was chasing his dreams and trying to balance both.

The story runs in a fast track mode which needs to be slowed down a bit and allow the readers to engage with the characters and relate to the story and the mood of the characters. The plot is good and the storyline is common and the writing could have been better. The story has a lot of scopes which author failed to utilize and exploit the possibilities to make it a better version. It is hard to fall in love with the story that does not have a body.

Every book, good or bad, requires the same dedication and effort from the writer and I respect the efforts of the author but readers too expect a good book worthy of his time and money from the author.

A nice and innocent love story but storytelling did not meet my expectations.

Author Bio

An IT-guy living in Bangalore, Manish Kumar has been working with IBM for the past five years. Keen on writing true stories inspired by one’s own life, he always inspired to write about his observations on nature and its creations. He likes traveling to natural destinations and is fond of riding bikes. When Love Happens is his first published book.

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Facebook: /storytellermanish

Twitter: @authormanishk

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