36362637.jpgAuthor – Radha Viswanath

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 280

Publisher – Rupa Publications

I have never read something like this and a thought to read about Ravana never crossed my mind. Why would someone keen to know the most popular villain of Indian mythology? The one who disrespect woman by abducting someone’s wife and held her captive.

Ravana, the most popular villain of Indian mythology is no ordinary Rakshasa. He is more than a mere abductor. He was a devout Shiv-bhakt and immensely powerful, born out of wedlock between a Rakshasi and a Rishi. He was given birth with a purpose to regain control of Lanka in the hands of Rakshas which was once taken by Devas and forced his mother’s clan in Naga lok.

The book is a gem. It should be written long back and Radha Viswanath did the job brilliantly. We all have heard Ramayana and hates Ravana for his misdeeds. His life holds many untold information which author tries to tell in this book. This story of Ravana brings to light the many earthed accounts of his life in a form of a fiction book.

The author painstakingly gathered information from Valmiki Ramayana and consulting other versions of Ramayana, picked with care, collated and compared and presented to the readers in this book. The book shows a different side of Ravana, a caring elder brother to his two younger brothers and a stubborn sister. An obedient and determined son of his mother who spent her life to fulfill her father’s dream and only purpose of coming on earth and marrying a Rishi.

The book gives an insight of his character and imparts a greater understanding of his nature. After reading this book you will also admit that this villain of villains is worthy of greater attention.

Author Bio

Radha Viswanath was born in Andhra Pradesh and spent most of her life in Delhi. Trained as a teacher, Radha entered journalism late in life. After a distinguished career as a political correspondent spanning three decades, she retired from active journalism. She has the honor of being the first woman journalist to be admitted in the long and distinguished category of Parliamentary journalists, in 2006.

An avid reader with a keen interest in Hindu mythology, she aims to bring the complexities of the Indian political discourse into intricate and rich mythological narratives.

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