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51zZI1VkOeL.jpgAuthor – Payal Dhar

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 152

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Rewind your life and relive your teenage days with Laila. She is a great cricket fan and lives on her own terms. She is bold and brave and always there for her friends. She was badly shaken when the cricketer she idolizes admits to match-fixing. She was happy that her best-friend is back in town and school reopens for the start of new session.

Hit for a Six is a story of a thirteen-year-old girl Laila. Her love for cricket, school, friendship and her rendezvous is what the story is all about. The story has a little mystery of an old Mr. Mashall’s house dated back to the nineteenth century. The house has a historical importance and holding many secrets and rumored as a haunted house. The house has been abandoned for many years and Laila’s secret hideout till new occupants of the house shifted in it.

This book is not for every reader. If someone has just started reading books or you want to introduce your teenage kid or younger brother/sisters to books, this could be a good starter. The plot is good and the storytelling could have been better. It is a short book and won’t take much time to finish. I completed it in one go in around three hours. The mature or middle age readers or someone who is into books from ages would not find the pleasure of reading. The book is for teenage or young and school going readers.

What turn Laila’s life takes after losing her secret hideout in the hands of new occupants who remained private? What happens with her love for her favorite sport? Who are the anonymous benefactors who have sponsored the renovation of Laila’s school? Find it out in Hit for a Six by Payal Dhar

Author Bio

Payal Dhar has been making up stories all her life. Sometimes she has got into trouble for them, but sometimes they have been published as novels and short stories, mostly for young people. She’s also a freelance editor and writer and writes on computer, technology, books, reading, games, travel and anything else that catches her interest. When nobody’s looking, she either has her nose in a book, is surfing the internet, or battling evil in a computer game.

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