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36643047.jpgAuthor – Sorabh Pant

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 304

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Pawan is a story of a strange and unpredictable man Arjun. He is indestructible. He has certain powers which no ordinary human was blessed. His appearance scares and made him a joke for few. He is no ordinary human. He is a Chartered Accountant and a demigod. He is a monkey-man. No one knows his secret except his legal guardian protecting him from the eyes of the world fearing they might use him for their destructive motives.

A businessman wants him to work for him and fight with the enemies. They knew their secret and can do anything to make his life living hell until he agreed to work for them. Will he agree to work for them and fight with the enemies? What powers does he possess? Pawan is a story of superhero tired of his ordinary life. The character is inspired by the mythological God, Hanuman, the son of wind (Pawan).

Honestly, the blurb of the book looks interesting but the story didn’t appeal to me. I am failed to understand this kind of sarcasm and humor attached to famous people. The plot of the story is unique and had a lot of space to explore it. The author tries to instill humor in every sentence which is a complete nay for me. Every character is trying to be funny and looks almost similar.

I agree, not every book could match my taste and this book is definitely not for me. But, there is a section of readers to whom this book might appeal or they like to read and enjoy reading Pawan, The Flying Accountant. Take your pick and decide.

Author Bio

Sorabh Pant, according to The Times of India, is ‘one of India’s top comedians’. He does stand-up comedy for money and writes books to spend that money. Pawan is his third novel. As one of India’s most popular stand-up comedian, he has done 1500 shows across 85 cities in 18 countries; but he claims he did them only for the frequent flyer miles. He is also the ex-founder of East India Comedy – and his videos for shows such as Rant of the Pant, EIC: Outrage, etc. have over 1200 million views online.

Other books authored by him are The Wednesday Sun and Under Delhi, both of which received positive reviews.

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‘I received a copy from Publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’