36156631.jpgAuthor – Sanil Sachar

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 208

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Rebound is the journey of Abhimanyu. A boy captivated in his past, strangling in his present and feared his future. He could be anyone. He could be part-you. He could be someone close to you or someone you know. He is one of us; fighting every day and running from the man whom he believes and that man gave him the most dreaded years of his life. He followed every command like a loyal slave and he sacrifices Abhimanyu at the altar of greed and ambition. The ambition to become the greatest of all.

Lost and hopeless, finally he musters the courage one day and ran away. Away from everything that was his and his life belongs to. Away from the life, he lived so far. Away from his identity. Away from the only place he calls home. Away from Circus.

Now, he is completely free yet completely lost. Will he ever find himself?

The strongest point of the story is its central plot; Circus. The story is beautiful and every word is measured and gives a direction to the story. It is hard to put it down till you finish it. The story is weaved around the circus on the nature of reality and illusion.

It is a story of revenge; to claim back the lost years of life. It is a story of hope; a hope for a newer beginning, a better life. A life far away from the life he had. It is a story of love; which has one name, Rose. The girl who gives him a reason to dream again.

Amazing. Splendid. A Must Read. Unputdownable. I love it. I bet you will love it too.

Author Bio

Sanil Sachar is an entrepreneur, a movie producer and a motivational speaker. His books – Summer Promises and The Dark Side of Light – received widespread acclaim at various literary festivals in India and were reviewed extensively by leading newspapers and magazines.

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