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35514708Author – Mann Matharu

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 145

Publisher – authorhouse

We have many questions but no one to answer them. The search for a meaningful existence is universal. We fight with the present for a better tomorrow. We fight with the demons of our everyday life to bring peace and happiness to life. We are always in a pursuit of making a better life for ourselves and our family.

The Monk of Lantau is not a book, it’s a journey. A journey to find and meet yourself. A journey we are seldom afraid to embark on, but life has its own way to teach and make you learn the important lessons of life on the right time when you in dire need or when you are ready. Mann Matharu tries to answer some of the questions in his book.

This is a story of an ordinary man, Matthew who is in a pursuit of happiness and a better future for him and his family. His daughters’ accident becomes the proverbial straw that breaks his back in his pursuit of happiness and personal attainment and questions his faith.

A tale from an unlikely source, a tale of a man with mystical healing power. Matthew finds himself on a journey through Europe, the Middle East and Asia in search of a healer who could restore balance and harmony in his life and heal his daughter. He met few incredible people and encounter incidents which took him into the depths of his own being.

An inspirational and insightful journey. I hope you all find your answers at the end of the book.

Author Bio

Mann is widely recognised for his entrepreneurial flair, his contributions to society, culture and philanthropy run much deeper and stem from a personal philosophy to live a compassionate and grateful life.

In his desire to help others, he has attained the privilege status of a Reiki Master Teacher. Mann himself went through a lengthy period of darkness in his personal life until he stumbled upon a path of self-realisation, culminated in inner peace.

The Monk of Lantau is Mann’s gift to those who are still searching for this peace. It is an inspirational fiction work that honors the journey our lives take through self-discovery to attain an existence steeped in balance, compassion, forgiveness and enlightenment.

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 ‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’