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35279464.jpgAuthor – Vish Dhamija

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 308

Publisher – Harper Collins India

Unlawful Justice is an enthralling and captivating crime and mystery story. A powerful legal thriller that moves from crime scene to courtroom, evidence to witness, justice to rightful justice. The story is an emotional and legal battle both. It is not about what is right or wrong. It laid bare the difference between the law and justice, what is rightful Justice for a crime even though unlawful in the eye of law.

A minor girl, Baby, daughter of Diwan family’s domestic helper has been violated and brutalized in a bright day light and nobody came to know till the family came back home and found Baby on the kitchen floor in the blood pool. Vansh Diwan, a criminal lawyer, finds himself torn between a rightful justice for the Baby and a very powerful client of his law firm. He cannot decide which way to proceed – to justice or to compromise.

An old friend and city’s best criminal lawyer Akash Hingorani, must step in, for the friendship and to bring the justice to the girl and put them behind the bars whoever did and playing with the law and made it a joke to establish a belief that law is not a puppet in the hands of rich. It is equal for all and whoever tries to create a mess, the justice will punish the wrong.

It is a definite page turner that won’t let you drop the book till you reached the last page. It is more a crime story than a courtroom drama. The story revolves around the crime and mystery surrounds it. Everything is perfect – the plot, story, mystery, hooked you till the end. A perfect entertainer with a perfect ending.

Author Bio

Vish Dhamija is the bestselling author of five works of crime fiction. He has gained a reputation as the master of legal crime and courtroom drama in India. In August 2015, at the release of his third novel, Deja Karma, Glimpse magazine called him ‘India’s John Grisham’ for stimulating the genre of legal fiction in India, which was almost non-existent before his arrival on the scene. Unlawful Justice, a legal thriller, is his sixth novel.

Vish lives in London with his wife Nidhi.

You can reach to him at:

Website: www.VishDhamija.com



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