51SOH-NkvFL._SY346_.jpgAuthor – Jamal Merchant

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 274

Publisher – Rupa Publications

One Enduring Lesson is a tale of determination and dreams. It is a journey of a boy who has been recently redundant from his job and dumped by his girlfriend. Rejected in love and out of job, he decided to embark on a new journey to give a chance to his long time dream to become a filmmaker and landed in Mumbai. He thought this could also give him a break from his messed up life in London and give him a new start. Less he knows his life is going to turn upside down and the journey will become a lesson for a lifetime.

Rahul Saxena, a half-Indian British citizen, come to India to fulfill his dream of filmmaking. On the start of his new journey he was robbed and from that day his life takes him to many new adventures and a fight for his survival. In the determination to survive and fulfill his dream to become a filmmaker, his desperate need of urgent money take him to the dark corners of the city of dreams. His secret life threatens the love that he finds. Read to find out how Rahul finds his way out of the darkness and write his own destiny and win his love.

The story is great. It’s a fascinating read. The story shows some of the dark truths of the big city hidden behind the closed doors and curtained windows. I loved the way the story runs and expose various aspects of Indian society and customs imprisoned someone in the name of culture. The author brings the truth naked without losing the sensitivity of the matter. This book could be your that One Enduring Lesson which opens your eyes and make you think. A thought-provoking, enthralling and captivating read.

Author Bio

Jamal Merchant came to England from Tanzania, East Africa, in 1972 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976. He then settled in London where he is now self-employed as a property finance broker.

Jamal has traveled widely including to India, China, Egypt, USA, Canada and the Middle East. His interests include reading, current affairs, movies and cricket. One Enduring Lesson, a love story based in India, is his debut novel.

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