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image013.jpgAuthor – Margaret Hepworth

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 151

Publisher – Rupa Publications

An excellent book with a purpose. This is for everyone who wants to bring the change and desire to see the change and believe that that day is not so far when people choose the path of non-violence over violence. The day when world peace is not a dream but a reality of the present.

This book is an excellent tool for teachers and educators to equip the young minds with a positive approach in their life, anger management, conflict resolution, and forgiveness. Parents can guide their child towards a better future by Gandhian ideologies.

The book comprises seven activities divided into seven chapters. Each chapter is a stand-alone activity which helps you in detoxicating your mind and channelizes your energy towards a productive goal.

Think again for a moment. We came from different religions and they all are sending out the same message – treat others with love and respect the way you wish to be treated and don’t do what you find hurtful.

All is really one

The Gandhi experiment wants you to step up and do much-needed conversation for today, to invest our time for our future, but also call to commit and act.

A thought provoking read with mindful activities and lessons to teach teenagers global citizenship and take the responsibility of future in their hands and bring the change they want to see. You don’t need to be a teacher, educator or parent to read this book. As a reader, you got many things and life lessons to take out of it and bring a change within you.

Remember, change begins with you(me).

Click the buy button, it is not just a book, it’s more than that.

Author Bio

Margaret Hepworth is a Peace Educator; the Founder/Director of The Gandhi Experiment, whose vision is world peace through education. She has been Head of Campus (Vice-Principal) at Preshil School, Melbourne, Australia and holds a Master of Educational Studies. She is the creator of Collaborative Debating and published her first novel, Clarity in Time, in 2012 through Balboa Press.

A vibrant presenter, she is well versed in public speaking, having facilitated workshops in Australia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Fiji. Margaret is an expert in teenage motivations and behavior.

In 2016, Margaret received the Sir John Monash Award for Inspirational Women’s Leadership.

Above all, her belief in what she is trying to achieve – to help others step forward to make a difference in this world – gives Margaret the drive, passion, and commitment required to help achieve peace through education.

Margaret currently resides in Melbourne Australia.

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‘I received a copy from Publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’