35524980.jpgAuthor – Anupam Patra

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 210

Publisher – StroyMirror

Promises of a firefly is a collection of beautifully crafted and heart touching stories of you and I and the world we live in. Each story has a unique flavor, blended with an equal measure of love and pain. It is difficult to choose the best story among eleven because each story has its own beauty and no story becloud the other.

The book is a short story collection of eleven stories. The story Petals in the Wind is the story of a girl Akanksha, living a lie. She has to make a difficult choice to defend her family to break down but at a cost of losing someone dear to her and played an important role in bringing happiness into her world. Games we never forget is a story of two childhood buddies bonded over a game but another game played with them years later and this time the rules are set by the fate.

The stories of unbroken promises, fate, desires, and betrayal weaved with meticulously chosen characters and their stories tell tales of life and death. These stories characters came out of our prized relationships, family, friends, and someone we long lost still stays in our heart and holds a big part of our memories, we like to travel back with them down memory lane.

I love the book and love the stories. Each story will embark you on a different journey of love and betrayal and you will meet along sinister and brave hearts. Each story is written with perseverance and passion. The book is an emotional joy ride. The book lived to my expectations.

Author Bio

Anupam was born and raised in the millennium city of Cuttack in Odisha. He finished his schooling and graduation while growing up in the thousand- year-old city’s narrow lanes and ambient warmth. In spite of the necessity of having to pursue science and then law for a career, his love for art has always shone the light of his soul. He used to teach and has worked as a banker prior to taking up public service as his profession. An avid lover of all forms of art, he confesses to find comfort in telling stories.

Promises of a firefly is Anupam’s debut book.

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