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35479277.jpgAuthor – Thomas Marchante

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 185

Publisher – String Publishing

Brain loses the game is a crime and detective story of Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Handler who is trying to crack a mystery of missing witness. Charlie works as a run-of-the-mill body chaser, but never tracked a missing eyewitness before. Albeit finding him is not so important for the client, but, to defend against the defendant.

Charlotte Handler or Charlie hired by a lawyer for handling a case of a missing person whom they want her to find. She started with obvious possibilities by tracking the trace they may leave behind like tracking bank accounts, his wife, his friends, faking herself as someone else but nothing comes in hand except that she comes to a conclusion it is not a regular missing case. She went further and further and ready to do or go any extent to solve the mystery and find the person.

No one knows anything. No trace. Is he actually missing? Is he dead? Is he taken? Is he running? Or is he hiding?

In a surprising twist, the missing witness socialite wife disappeared without a trace which complicated the case. Will Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Handler able to solve this puzzle and find the brain behind the mysterious disappearances one after another.

‘Brain loses the game’ is a crime and mystery story of a missing witness. It is a simple and a good read. Charlie is a one-woman team. She thought the case will give a boost to her career as a private detective unknowingly she gets herself in trouble. The case looks simple at first but it wasn’t. She played and reasoned with her mind and a chess master theory always worked for her. Will it work this time?

Author Bio

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Marchante lives in the imagination of the author with a wife and several children. He is thought to live in Brooklyn but may reside at the intersection of surf and serf. He writes to honor Sara Paretsky, Robert Parker, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. He does not have any cats. He comes up with his new book ‘Brain loses the game’, a slightly absurd mystery of a female private detective Charlie Handler.

You can reach to him at Twitter @tommymarchante


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