He made a decision. He is not going to school today. He will make an excuse.

It’s his birthday. He wants to celebrate with his friends, but can’t, he doesn’t have that much money to treat them. What if they make a joke of him! No, he will not go to school. It’s just a matter of one day. Everyone will forget tomorrow and no one will make fun of him.

Mother made his favorite dish, Kheer. He ate and sits with his books but his mind wandering to school and he saw his friends smiling, reading, playing football.

It’s afternoon, everyone must have gone home by now. He thought.

He heard the doorbell and his mother call him to come and see. He stands flabbergasted. His teacher, Raghav sir and classmates standing at the door with a box in his hand. Everyone said it together.

‘Happy Birthday Sonu’