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34993484.jpgAuthor – Manvendra Kumar

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 180

Publisher – Author Paradise Publishers

A love story is incomplete when love doesn’t make you run for it. ‘On the Moon, Between the Stars’ is YA romance novel. A journey of an ordinary guy to get the girl and love of his life and did everything silly or funny to get his love. It’s a love at first sight story of a boy who was madly in love with a girl and doesn’t want to lose her. But, did the girl also love him or is he just a good friend for her?

Mickesh Roy fell in love with Gauri Trivedi on the first day of his office. She was also a new employee. Their professional relationship grew into a friendship. Mickesh tried everything to woo her and left no stone unturned. He had gone head over heels. He did everything which brings him one step closer to her but Gauri had her own reservations and denied to his proposal every time. She finds a good friend in him and nothing else and reluctant to give him a chance. He doesn’t lose hope and tried again. Rather going forward their relation goes downwards when Gauri decides to take a new job in Kolkata. Mickesh lost all his hope but he is not a man who gives up this easy.

A story of a carefree guy who never took anything seriously in his life whether it is his studies, job or anything. When love comes into his life, it changed everything for him. He did things he never imagined to do, just to be with her and make her smile. It is a light and simple read filled with notoriety and banter of Mickesh and his boundless efforts to get his dream girl.

Author Bio

Manvendra Kumar grew up in a small town of district Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India. He completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida in 2014 before taking up a job in the corporate firm. He is currently working in NTL Electronics India Ltd, Noida as a design engineer. He wanted to be a singer but destiny wanted something else.

Cooking is his favorite time pass. Apart from this, he loves playing cricket and traveling with friends. ‘On the Moon, between the Stars’ is his debut novel which is based on his life events and lessons.

You can reach to him at Facebook/manu.rajput.923

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