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51BCDmtozBL.jpgAuthor – Stevie Turner

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 170

Publisher – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

‘Waiting in the Wings’ is a memoir of Stevie Turner with her mom, Dot, who has completed 92 summers of her life and health deteriorates more towards the final chapters of her life. Stevie takes the role of a carer and the mother-daughter duo spends much of their time together remembering the old bitter-sweet moments which also brings some revelation and confessions.

Suddenly at the age of 92, Dot starts telling her that she loves her which she never mentioned in her entire course of life. They argued bitterly and cannot see eye-to-eye and this sudden revelation getting to know them each other better.

I think every mother is like Dot. Over protective and caring and never see her child has grown up already and thinks they are still small and innocent and cannot take care of themselves. They try to protect them from the evils of the world. And I think every child is like Stevie who wants to be free and live by her own ways. We know we can take care of ourselves and responsible enough to manage the stuff of our life but it is hard and sometimes impossible to explain and make the parents understand. We are still little for them, a baby of few days or months who piss in his pants and puke on the shoulder while tapping on back after a meal.

The book tells the story of every mother-child relationship. I love reading the book and liked the way it unfolds and written. It is a well-constructed and intelligently and honestly written book.

Author Bio

Stevie Turner retired early from her post as a medical secretary to concentrate on writing suspense, women’s fiction, and humorous novels. She won a New Apple Book Award in 2014 and a Readers’ Favorite Gold Award in 2015 for her book ‘A House Without Windows’. Her psychological thriller ‘Repent at Leisure’ won third prize in the 2016 Drunken Druid Book Award contest.

Stevie lives in the East of England and is married with two sons and four grandchildren. Most of her novels are now available as audiobooks, and one screenplay, ‘For the Sake of a Child’, won a silver award in the Spring 2017 Depth of Field International Film Festival. Some of her books are currently being translated into German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Stevie can be contacted at the following email address: stevie@stevie-turner-author.co.uk

You can also reach to her at Twitter@StevieTurner6

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