51Q82S+DGFL.jpgAuthor – Saket Suryesh

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 100

Publisher – Partridge India

The rude tenderness of our hearts’ is a collection of seven short stories of every mood. The stories are distinct in mood and structure and every story will take you in a new world. The stories reach to your heart and while it makes you fall in love in one, in other it will make you sympathize with the protagonist of the story. The stories are full of emotions of love, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise.

The book has a story of true love titled ‘Love in Yale’ where a young and bright student of Arts at Yale University, Smith, falls in love. It’s surprising to see who he falls in love with. The story ‘Love in Yale’ will surprise you to no end. While one story surprises you the other story of a poor father in ‘A Bloodied Broken Moon’ makes you sad. A father dreams to give his little princess all the happiness in this world, but, time has taken away that right from him.

The stories of ‘A rude tenderness of our hearts’ came from the heart and each story dipped into deep emotions of life. The length of the book makes it a travel companion. It is a short book of only 100 pages with seven short stories. This book is also a good read for those who prefer short reads over lengthy books or who do like reading but do not get much time to read. You can schedule this book in your weekend plan.

The stories are written in narrative style and every story is true to their emotion they carry. Every story begins with few lines of poetry carries the essence of the story and ends with thoughtful lines summing the course which makes you cling at the last few lines of the story before turning to the next page and to next story.

Author Bio

Saket lives in Delhi, India with his wife and little daughter. He works in technology and writes between deadlines, during commutes, and on airports. His other work includes a collection of essays ‘If Truth were To Be Told’, a collection of poems in ‘Songs of Desperation, Hope, and Love’. He also co-authored a collection of poems with poet and author, Marta Moran Bishop ‘A walk through Nature’.

A compulsive writer, he blogs at saketsuryesh.net on politics and literature and loves interacting on his Twitter handle @saket71

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