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32565856.jpgAuthor – Harish Penumarthi

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 163

Publisher – Half Baked Beans

School days are one of the most memorable days of one’s life. We love to cherish those moments when life was full of happiness, innocence and bittersweet moments. Those are the times we remember all through our life and play and replay in our mind. We find our best of friends who knows our mischievous and darkest secrets and a partner in crime. We create our best of memories during the time. This book brings back some of that notoriety with it in Raghav.

Raghav is a confused boy, who never planned his life and never cared to do so. He has a small world with his best friend Joe, his partner in crime. Whatever life throws at his door he took it and move on. He hates to study and books are the enemy he wants to destroy. But, he somehow managed to climb the grades by god grace. He is the bad boy of the school. But he is not alone in his mischief. His buddy Joe accompanied him and the duo is a pain in the head for everyone. Until one day when a new admission Trisha joined their class. Raghav’s life has changed forever.

Life throws many unexpected and ghastly surprises at him and he is bound to no more remain the same. The life’s unforeseen turns and twists shook him hard but will he change for good or the jolt push him into bad to worst. What happened with Trisha and his lifelong friendship with Joe? The tale of Raghav rejuvenates some of the memories of school.

The book is a Young Adult story of Raghav and Trisha.  It is a well-written and nostalgic book bringing back the good old days. Relish your teenage moments with Raghav and Trisha.

Author Bio

Harish Penumarthi is a budding writer who dreams of taking up writing as his full-time job. Born in Chhattisgarh and brought up in Jamshedpur. He completed his schooling from Vishakhapatnam. He has been hunting for opportunities to hone his writing skills ever since he developed a fondness towards writing. He always dreamt of becoming an influential writer. He banked on every single opportunity that he came across. His brief instincts with a handful of companies allowed him to whet his skills even better.

This is his debut Novel and he etches to write much more.

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