34996789.jpgAuthor – Balachandran Kodandath

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 150

Publisher – Notion Press

‘Battles are never won on one single day. One must fight until victory or until one becomes lifeless’

A wonderful story and equally wonderfully written. From the beginning of the book, I was intrigued to know the end. The story started with a surprise and it makes you turn the pages until you reach the end. The story is of hope and a fight for a dream. A priceless possession and his only hope of a better future. A dream who is taken away from him forcefully by the malicious law enforcers who didn’t allow him to meet his dream. The prevailing law and law enforcers made him helpless and hopeless and filled him with animosity and dyspathy. He alienated himself from the world to find some solace in the arms of solitude but happiness forgot the way to his life.

Abay was devastated after series of events unfolded in front of him after his marriage. It was an arranged marriage to the beautiful girl of his choice and he was happy to know her and get married to her. He never expected anything and happy with his life which now has one more person; his life partner; his partner in every happiness and sorrow. But, least he knows what life will bring to him.

Soon he saw a blessing in disguise. He hasn’t prepared for it though initially but eventually it becomes his only ray of hope in the darkness of his life.

The book depicts hope and dreams and a battle for a dream. Hope is the only guiding thing in the struggle of Abhay who long lost the battle to have a peaceful and happy married life. The book has all the elements to engage a reader from the beginning of the book. It’s a good and fast read depicts an emotional turmoil of life of Abhay.

Author Bio

Balachandran Kodandath, also known as Bala, is a passionate storyteller. He hails from the lush backdrops of God’s own country, Kerala. Bala believes that there are unspoken stories in everyone’s life. He devotes his effort to the world the emotions of a common man in these unsaid stories.

Balachandran is a rational thinker with a deep-seated belief in Karma. He devotes substantive energy and time for environmental conservation.

You can reach to him at Twitter@back_18

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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’