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34058564.jpgAuthor – Priyanka Sharma Kaintura

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 233

Publisher – Notion Press

My Jiffies’ is a collection of bit sized stories capturing the emotions of one’s relationship, long lost memories, true love, asperities, and sorrow. The stories are written in different styles and categorized according to the theme of the stories in seven different categories. It has stories on Mythological characters like the story of ‘Arjun Or Bhima’ and then there is a story relate to the world around you, the way the people becomes a mute spectator to your predicament like the story of ‘Being Human’ which is written in a form of satire and sarcasm. The stories came out of everyday circumstances and moments of our life.

This book has read for every age group reader and every taste of reader. This book is an excellent read who prefer short reads. Most of the stories are of one page which is a perfect read if you are looking for a quick read and can prove to be a good companion for your tea break read.

The book is segmented into seven categories – Orations, Ecologues, Monologues and Dialogues, Stories, Pathos, Satire and Sarcasm, Life Aphorisms and Epigrams. Each contains stories of different style and emotion and every story is a reflection of the author’s observation of the life and the state of affairs it brings in front of her.

I cannot name a single story as my favorite and neither I can give the long list in this review. But, I like to mention that the series of ‘Nine Names of Durga’ is written exceptionally well and stands apart.

The way the author strike sarcastically on the societal reserved and cold address to one’s exigency is both laughable and relatable. We all somewhere in life feel the same push from the society or people around us when life played an evil card and the world became a silent bystander.

‘My Jiffies’ will surprise you with every turn of the page because you never know what it is written on next page you are walking into and what next turn of a page and next story will bring to you. Enjoy the ride.

Author Bio

Priyanka Sharma Kaintura is a seasoned marketing communications professional. As a communication professional, there has always been a perpetual spectator inside her. She writes about society, love, relationship and mythological interpretation.

You can reach to her at Twitter@myjiffies

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‘I received a copy from Chevusread in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’