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34511154.jpgAuthor – Rahul Mitra

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 381

Publisher – FingerPrint Publishers

What if you lost your dearest and only family in the hands of injustice and political conspiracy? Would you take the revenge or isolate yourself and mourn. Will you not instrument the fire burning in you to bring down the conspirator to beg for his life?

The story set in the backdrop of 330BC. Alexander is on a mission to invade every kingdom and win over the world and become the mighty ruler of the whole world, a world conqueror. After invading and looting Persia, now Alexander is eyeing on India. Its innumerable treasures of gold and silver made it a dream of every ruler to conquer and attain undying glory.

Thousands of kilometers away, a carefree and reckless boy’s life turned upside down when he was forced to leave the city of Pataliputra. With Pataliputra, he left a boy in him behind and become a man, who now has a purpose to live, to fight for honor and love.

It is a story of revenge. A story of a jovial and unbothered boy Aditya who was living in the shadow and forced to take the sword in hand. It is well-written, entertaining, captivating and an excellent read for the historical fantasy readers. What could be better than sitting in comfort of your room and travel centuries ago? Well, this book will take you to time travel in 4th century BC.

The book has many relatable everyday characters which engage the reader more and compel him to delve deeper and keep reading until the book finishes of itself. And that is not all, the story doesn’t end at the last page. The book is a part of a trilogy and two more books are about to hit the shelf. So, you have a fair chance to grab this book before the next read hit the shelf and be ready to travel again in the world of words with Rahul Mitra.

Author Bio

Rahul Mitra grew up in Delhi and is currently working as an IT Marketing Professional with a multinational company in Mumbai. Passionately interested in all things Indian, Rahul is vociferous in his opinions about India, its people, and its culture. Like many others before him, he believes he can change the world and influence people through his writings.

You can reach to him at Twitter@kyarebaingan

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