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34762047.jpgAuthor – Krishna Raj

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of pages – 302

Publisher – Notion Press

What a wonderful book it is. I think the main characteristics of a good book is how fast it engages a reader’s attention and not let it go till the end. This book has it. With every page turns, the reader gets more and more intrigue and bound to seized at one place. I would say this book is unputdownable.

The author borrowed a few characters from Indian folklore Mahabharata like Kanha, Arjuna, Draupadi among others and put them in a world he created. The world of Arjuna; the prince of Wagharr. The story has no resemblance of that of Mahabharata. The genre is epic fantasy.

Arjuna; the prince of Wagharr, famous for mercenaries and the land of exemplary brave soldiers, traveled far to the north towards the mighty peaks of Himavan on his father’s instructions with the citizens of his land to protect them from Hayacree invasion. Hayacree; the ruthless invaders who are known for brutal killing and malevolence. One by one either Kingdoms kneel down to Hayacree or turned into a funeral ground. They are someone beyond human, someone hard to define. Arjuna was destined to save the kingdoms of Ashmaka and Ushka but he was only getting prepared for the greater purpose of his existence. Mrithasu.

The book is just the beginning of the series of Warjuna. The book is a perfect deal for the epic fantasy fiction readers. A very well written book. Interesting read. I can assure the readers that they can bet on this book. The book is a masterpiece.

Still confused, then read the pilot chapters and several back stories that lead up to the book that is Warjuna on author’s Blog.

Author Bio

Born in the quaint town of Irinjalakuda in Kerala, and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the author was stoked to discover the essence of life in Mumbai. While he has very little to speak about the time preceding this book, Warjuna is what he has become over the last two and a half years. This story barely even existed before his pilot chapters gathered some attention on WordPress; it was a handful of likes, but it made a world of a difference.

You can reach him at warjuna.com



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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’