Barbie. A blond hair beautiful doll. Her favorite. Her best friend. Her world.

She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She unwrapped the box quickly and take her out to show her pals. They all praised the Barbie. She blushed. She couldn’t sleep the first night and kept looking at Barbie lying on the bed and caressing her.

She took great care of her. She combs her hair every day. Bought new clothes and jewelry for her. She sleeps with her, hugging her tight. Before going out and after coming, she first ran to Barbie to confirm. Is she alright?

Now, she no longer plays with Barbie. She is a grown-up.

Barbie awaits for her in a box contains long abandoned things in a corner of a store room. The store room which is meant to be a place of things no longer needed.