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34735847.jpgAuthor – Chitrangada Mukherjee

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of pages – 180

Publisher – Self-Published

He died. Who? Sukanto Bhattacherjee.

Sukanto, sole heir of the wealthy Bhattacharjee family found dead in his own house ‘Bhattacharjee Bari’, in his study room in early hours of the morning, when he didn’t came out for breakfast and no one saw him since last night. His family looked for him and found him sitting on a chair, head rested on the table capped with hands. There was no trace of blood or any foul play, he died sleeping peacefully. The Police started their investigation and in the initial search, they found a note. A suicide note by Sukanto but not written. The suicide note was typed and placed carefully under his favourite crystal jug. He did not cut his wrist, he didn’t consume any poisonous substance, and he didn’t hang himself. His autopsy report, too, indicates organ failure.

He just died.

Was it really a suicide or a well-planned murder?

Sukanto left behind a shocked mother, hapless wife, tormented friend, a paranoid paramour and mystery of his death.

The story is a psychological thriller and suspense is deep hidden. You need to dig deeper to find the truth and remove the façade worn by the murderer. The story is the mystery of the death of Sukanto, who died in mysterious circumstances in his own house. When I first started reading the book, I found the initial chapters stretched to the length, but when I proceed in the story I found them relevant and connected in the later part of the story. The second half of the story will hook you at one place till you finish the book.

The book narrated the story of a Bengali family. The author used few Bengali lexemes and some common terms of the language at places that only makes it more relatable. The book is lovable by the mystery readers. It will boggle their mind; unnerving secrets will reveal deeply hidden secrets of a family and expose the truth. The weaving of the plot is beyond doubt and brilliantly done. The way the story unfolds is unexpected and no one can discern what he/she will come across on next page.

Author’s BioChitrangada Mukherjee was born and brought up in Agartala, Tripura. She graduated and post-graduated from Presidency College in Kolkata. She worked as a writer, editor, English Quiz master, soft skill trainer and school teacher in South India. She lives with her five-year-old daughter and Bong husband in Chennai and blogs on writing on mangochaat.com

You can get in touch with her on facebook/chitranda.mukherjee and bombard her with queries and comments on mangochaat.com

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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’