33851955.jpgAuthor – Lacey London

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of pages – 271

Publisher – SSO Publishing

Lacey London is a bestselling author of Clara Andrew Series. Her newest release is ‘Anxiety Girl’ is about a girl Sadie Valentine who is like any other girl and suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic. The life when do not turn out the way we want or turn into a wrong direction, we experience an anxiety. It is not a problem, a certain limit of anxiety is very normal in daily life and one cannot ignore it but when anxiety over power your mind and takes a toll on your life then it needs to be taken care of and that is what Sadie experiences in her life.

Sadie Valentine is an artist. She paints. She sells her paintings and that is her only income. A series of events lands her into a state of anxiety and one day she experiences a panic attack. Over months her life takes every wrong turn and she bottled them is like digging her own grave. With her best friend Aldo by her side on every step will she able to fight the three devils ‘panic, depression, and anxiety’?

The story deals with serious issues which often swept under the carpet or ignored. The one who suffers felt ashamed to voice his/her illness. The issue is handled carefully and comprehendingly. The story voices many who are going through the same period. The story also accounts friendship of Aldo and Sadie.  A painstaking story of Sadie Valentine by Lacey London.

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