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34532567.jpgAuthor – Sumana Roy

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 244

Publisher – Aleph Books

“I was tired of speed. I want to live to tree time.” – Sumana Roy

People do not usually look at the thing or here to say trees, as author see them. She finds them as a companion, a family member, someone she likes to talk and be with, and wonders, do they feel the same as humans do, like to cry in pain, laugh in happiness. Do they worry about how they look? Do they fear death?

The author is fascinated with the plants. She finds an escape root in the company of them, from the noises and violence. The noise spears the heart and violence that spear humanity. She finds her solace in the company of that brown and green piece of nature, well crafted and often ignored.

She wants to live in tree time like trees do not run with the clock time. They have their own time zone, unabashed. They are not in hurry to reach anywhere; they stand at one place and grow taller and higher, wider and bigger. New branches, new leaves come and old ones left the place for new ones. They talk to the wind and never complain of non-movement and loneliness.

The book might not be for every reader, but one’s who love nature and loves to spend a good amount of time with them and feels peace and calm in their company, will able to relate themselves with the author. We have many types of obsessions but hardly seen anyone obsessed with trees, despite, the trees all through their life gives us so much and rarely anyone appreciated their kindness.

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