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33985448.jpgAuthor – Hannah Ellis

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 384

Publisher – Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

This is the second book in Lucy Mitchell series. The first book of the series titled ‘Beyond the lens’ based on a TV reality show. You can read my review here.

This book begins from where the first book ends. After the show, Lucy and Adam fell for each other. Adam was among one of the cameramen on the show. Lucy shifted with Adam but Adam’s life fall apart when his sister Becky and her husband died in an accident leaving two daughters behind, and after few days of the tragedy, an incident shattered their lifes.

Adam dreams to have his own photo studio and left his job of a cameraman, but after the devastating incident, he abandons his dream and resumes his previous job to support and give a better life to the girls. Their relationship has only gone downwards since the girls started staying with them.

The story is about the relationship of Adam and Lucy and hardships they face to bring their family on one page. It is a sweet and loving story, and relatable. I loved the first book of the series and this book too is lovable. The characterization is so real and natural, that you feel lost with them. The most impressive thing of author ‘Hannah Ellis’ is her peerless style of storytelling. The book is an impressive and pleasant reading.

If you haven’t read the first book yet and thinking to read this second one, then go ahead, all the characters in this book is same as of first and you will get to know them as the story proceeds. You do not need to go all over the first book, before starting this book, the characters are well explained, that the book stands distinct but related.

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