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33972569.jpgAuthor – Savi Sharma

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 226

Publisher – Westland Books

You were standing in middle of your path and if someone would say to you to rewrite your story, what would you do. You find it amusing and babyish, but Savi Sharma makes it possible by choosing her path of storytelling, leaving her professional degree in between. Her first book inspired many hearts and here she is with her second book, telling you to follow your heart and re-write your story, but, this time the hand that put pen to the paper is, yours.

Shaurya dreams to become a filmmaker and wants to pursue a course in Mumbai. He has a keen eye for his art and wants to live every moment with his passion for making films. Anubhav followed his dream to become an entrepreneur and he did become at a very young age but life played a cruel joke with him. Miraya’s dreams overpowered her relationship with the love of her life. Will they gather the courage to re-write their story or surrender themselves in the hands of fate? Would you for once listen to your heart?

The author marvels in storytelling. This story is completely different with the one she had written in her previous/debut book. The story is inspiring and makes you think and re-think about your life and goals. One you set for your life and one others’ set for you. Which way do you want to go? A story of dreams and life. Simple, comprehensible and admirable work of art of writing.

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