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29423731.jpgAuthor – Prachi Gupta and Sanchit Garg

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 196

Publisher – Self-Published

This is one such book, which makes me fell in love with the adorable characters and loving portrayal of the characters of Sid and Nishi. The book is a Rom-Com and the story is an absolute classic.

It is a story of five friends who met in their graduation class. Radhika met Nishi and Sid in the college bus on her first day of college and soon they become friends. They met Manas and Sameer through Sid. The story revolves around five friends and their life in the college of four years.

Radhika is the miss dependable of the group and Nishi and Sid are the ones who create the chaos. Manas is a one-woman man and Sameer is a Casanova of the college and girls go mad on his looks. The story has classroom drama, college crush, and affairs, exam anxiety and assignment last date panic sequence. Everything in the story is interweaved carefully and runs on smooth pace. Wait! That is not all enough to know about the book. Don’t you want to know? Who is the cupid of whose story?

This is Prachi Gupta’s first book and her second book is due for release on 25th march, though a self-published book, it is already a national bestseller. Every character has given equal space in the story with complete sync. Few incidents are hilarious, especially the climax of the story. The writing style of the story is candid and targets the readers of college students. It is an ideal read for fun and merriment.

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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’