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29932177.jpgAuthor – Pradip Chauhan

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 168

Publisher – Createspace Publishers

Ponytail – the love for revenge is a story of a man who fights for his life. A fight for his rightful life, to make the wrong right.

The protagonist Prabuddh is a young and ambitious boy of 26 years of age and fresh out of college he founded his own company. He waited for this day for many years but commencing his own company and making name was not his goal, he is eyeing for something bigger. He fell in love with one of his employee ‘Tapasya’. But falling in love is a trap.

Prabuddh has only one motive for life and that is to take revenge that ruined his life and took everyone from him whom he loves and his life. He lives for the day when he will see the demons of his life destroyed. He adorns a ponytail to recall himself his motive for life.

The story moves from one chapter to another at a fast pace and gives little space for reader’s anticipation. A tale of revenge intertwined with love. A quick and simple read and a definite page turner. A good read for suspense and thriller readers.

The author of the book has written previously in Gujarati before started writing in English under the pen name ‘Prajwalit’. His other works in English includes ‘Love stories’ – a collection of short love stories and ‘On the Earth: In the light of the Sun’.

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