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34212239.jpgAuthor – Rajendra B. Aklekar

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 263

Publisher – Rupa Publications India

The book begins with Mr. E. Shreedharan and his daughter’s note. The biography of metro man is sounding more like a history of Indian Railway. The author diverts from his path while putting his life on paper. Yes, it is understood that E.Shreedharan and railway are one or the same but a reader can expect a biography must be more about him, a person behind the designation, awards, having a larger than life image, then his career in railways and projects he carried out.

A reader is least interested in getting into technicalities of how a railway project has been completed. Why a reader is interested in knowing an order no. of an appointment letter of Mr. Sreedharan. I do not understand why author mentions how much tons of cement and other building material is used in constructing a particular railway project. The author went to the extent of mentioning points of interim report submitted by him. I expect to know more of Mr. Sreedharan as a human behind his identity of railway or metro man. A person and his work are never being the same. Author tell a tale of his work ethics and give little space to his life after and before working hours.

I won’t say the book is a disappointment, but it diverts from the track every then and now and filled with unnecessary and unwanted details of railway projects. The book is 60% of his biography and 40% is the history of Indian railways.

At the end, there is a long list of awards and citations of facts and figures mentioned in the book. This book is a biography of both a man (Mr. Sreedharan) and railway.

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