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33795518.jpgAuthor – Ira Mukhoty

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of pages – 205

Publisher – Aleph Books

‘Heroines’ is a book narrates the story of powerful Indian women of myth and history. The time when man dominates, these women courage and bravery make their place in the history of India.

Ira Mukhoty compiles stories of such great women of myth and history in her book. The book tells a story of their struggle for respect, finding their place in the man dominating society, fighting for restoring their self respect. There was a time when a woman had a secondary and supporting role in the man’s world. It was considered that a woman’s life has only one aim to serve and support her father, husband and son, who are her owner on different stages of life. They live in the influence of a man all through their life without having an identity of her. They had no rightful place in the society and had no right to be given.

The book has a life and struggle of eight such women from Draupadi; a dharma queen to Jahanara Begum from the history.

The book is read like a history book and diverts from its path on every then and now. From the title of the book one may expect a story of these women courage and fight for their rightful place but book seems more like a research paper. The characterizations of these women of Indian myth and history could have been better if the book is written as their story of struggle rather a collection of excerpt.