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31359150.jpgAuthor – Preeti Shenoy

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of pages – 320

Publisher – Westland Books

‘It’s all in the planets’ is a story of fate and destiny. Everything happens for a reason. Our destiny is decided at the time of our birth. We cannot amend or decide our destiny, things will happen the way it is should, and it is written in the planets.

This is a story of Aniket and Nidhi. They met on a train journey to Chennai from Banglore. Aniket is a techie and works in an app developing company and fell in love with Trisha who is a model. Nidhi is a freelance content writer and also take classes of pottery making, she is engaged to Manoj from two years. The rest of the story is about how their path crossed each other’s? How their separate life’s intermingled?

The story of the book is stretched in chapters. You either read the story in Aniket or Nidhi’s version. In every chapter you find a glimpse of previous chapter but in a version of the other. Things going smooth in their life until a twist of fate in Aniket’s life changed the Life of Nidhi as well. They no more remain the same.

Preeti Shenoy is a bestselling author. She has a unique writing style. The duplication of doings of previous chapter at the start of new chapter is uninteresting but that too makes sense as story is told by Nidhi and Aniket only. It is a story of destined love. It is a good read and like Preeti Shenoy’s previous well received and acknowledged books, readers will appreciate this book too.