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33282527.jpgAuthor – Ajay K Pandey

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of pages – 208

Publisher – Srishti Publishers

An eternal love story. A story of a boy who never heard what his heart says and when he listen his heart, he is ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill all the wishes before her last breath. His heart. His wife. His life.

Nothing has in Vijay’s life which gives him a reason to be alive. He walked the path his parents choose for him whether it is his job as a professor which he get only because his mother has an approach and she get him placed in a college as an ad-hoc professor. His father wants him to be an IAS and he gives his five years of life to fulfill his father’s dream, which never happened. Astha; his wife, you can say come in to his life by luck. She is his purpose to live. He can do anything just to see a smile on her face.

I do not find first half of the book intruding. In fact, I pitied on Vijay for being so dumb but when I progressed through the second half it captivate me. The author justified the true love by his protagonist Vijay. Yes he is dumb infact a simpleton but he is a man who loves his wife who is his life and being silly and crazy in love is not a bad thing. Love has no rule book.

The story is remarkable. The narration is pretty good. Once again Ajay K. Pandey comes with his new story to win million hearts. The book is for all the romance book lovers.