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33001183.jpgAuthor – Hannah Ellis

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 356

ISBN – 1539798887 (ISBN13: 9781539798880)

Reality behind the reality shows. You are an ordinary person one day and after a week you become a household name. Some loved you and others hate you. And now you cannot amend what is already done.

Lucy Mitchell gets redundant from her job. She walked passed signal then a lady holding a mike with a camera focused on her, appeared. She asked her to join a reality show from a famous production company soon to be aired, which will be shouting in Spain. Lucy said ‘Yes’ spontaneously and packed her stuff followed by a cameraman everywhere she steps. There are a total of seven people selected for this show.

‘A Trip to Remember’, a show which changed their life forever. The show made them an overnight sensation. But, everything comes with a cost. When the show aired Lucy Mitchell could not bear the sight of her on TV. She was lovingly hated by everyone around. What happened with the other six people? Why everyone hates her? The show turns out to be a biggest mistake and a blessing at the same time.

The story is their journey from ordinary to celebrity. How one moment when they agreed for this show has changed their life! The way a reality show has been made and portrayed the contestants the way they wanted. Everything you see and claimed to be real is not always real; there is a different reality behind a reality show. A pleasant and stupendous read; a week of shot to fame.