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33841572.jpgAuthor – Abhishek Kothari

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 160

Publisher – Srishti Publisher

A story of childhood buddies who fall in love but not with each other. But still it is a love story of the two; Raju and Guddi.

The story is based in small town Dhaneri in state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Raju, Madhav, Harish and Guddi are childhood friends. Raju loves Guddi from the day he understands love and togetherness and wants to marry her. But, something unexpected happened to Raju which led his nervous break-down and resulted him in The Home; a place for mentally disturbed people for treatment. Sanjay, a fellow from his town helped him and his family in time of distress like his elder brother and Madhav and Harish happily accompanied Sanjay. After three years, Raju recovered from severe depression, the cause unknown to others and after a brief stay in Dhaneri he went to Delhi for work, and started working as a salesman and in just two years he climbed the ladder to Country head. What happened with Raju after that? What landed him in mental Hospital? Does Guddi love her back like he loved her? Why Sanjay helped him and his family at all? Does he also have a similar story like Raju?

The story highlighted the social bias still prevailed in small towns, like child marriage, exclusion towards imparting basic education to girls and lack of basic amenities in small towns. The author offered some temporary solutions too. The story of tender love, heartbreak, running from past and struggle for a better life. Do you believe in forever love or love never dies? This is for you!