33398187.jpgAuthor – Saurabh Sharma

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 300

Publisher – Leadstart Publishing

The best days of the life of any being are its school days. Teenage Diaries is an account of a life of a boy from his childhood till he is eligible to cast a vote. He belongs to a middle-class family and middle-class family has its own bias and customs which they follow by heart.

The author accounts the days, when the protagonist was given a name based on his sun sign which made him a joke, the day of his first interaction with the flock of other boys of his age; first day of school, the day of his first fight with goons of his school, the day his heart started beating for a girl; his first crush. In midst of all he; Ghanshyam is not alone; he is accompanied by his best buddy Vikram. Will he be able to get the girl he has always loved – Aneya? What if Aneya turned him down or will she accept his love?

Are you missing the days, when you were a carefree soul? Do you think you left the best days of your life behind and miss them terribly? Come! Take a ride down the memory lane with author Saurabh Sharma and if you are in that phase of school days then it’s a perfect book for you to learn some more mischievous tricks from Ghanshyam aka Ghanshu and his partner in crime Vikram aka Vik.

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