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33562037.jpgAuthor – Devanshi Sharma

Rating – ****

Number of Pages – 200

Publisher – Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Life is a celebration of life itself. Only few knew how to make it worth living. Most of the years of life we conjure the rules laid by others for us; do this; don’t do that; forbidden this and blah blah. Only few listen the voice of life, a whisper in ear.

Amaira Roy is a carefree or careless, fearless or good in hiding it, or you can call her someone who does not give a damn to the world or any other word from the dictionary of the world which could define her free soul. Amaira is just like any other girl who live, dream, care, love but only thing which make her Amaira is; she celebrate life every day in every moment of it. She has her own hardships of life but she never let those stop her in living life on her terms. Her biggest support system is her brother Kabir; who wants to be a politician but with fair means.

It is not a love story where two people met, fall in love, and fight over petty things and at last united. It is journey of a girl; which once was a dream became sole aim of her life. It’s a lovely story of a girl who is honest towards her life. She is a power house of energy and excitement with a pinch of notoriety. A simple yet elegant story of a girl, her dreams, her love and her far-out way of living life with her own set of rules.