33586632.jpgAuthor – Arpit Vageria

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 157

Love comes with no authored rules but it does have some unsaid; not to leave the person especially when she/he is in distress; love the person unconditionally no matter what. Will Ranbir and Adah follow the unsaid rules?

Ranbir left his well paying job for his dream of writing, but Adah; his girlfriend was reluctant to understand his state of mind and want him keep aside his dreams for later and become more practical towards life. She stopped taking his calls until he finds a good enough job and forget about his dream that won’t take their relationship anywhere. Ranbir managed his job, writing and Adah effortlessly and during this time his flat-mate and buddy Lakshya is big support of him. The relationship of Ranbir and Adah is going through a rough patch.

Ranbir’s first book was out for public scrutiny and gain huge popularity and fan following to him. Pihu, it was, his first reader who made an effort to contact him. Pihu is totally falling in love with the book and the story of Arnab and Jhanvi, she found it surreal.

The story is about following your heart; going after your dream but do not take the people around you for granted and do not isolate them or mistook them just because you are on a mission of your life. People are not wrong, its circumstances which made them look wrong. A story of love, dreams and togetherness.