32328457Author – Sidharth Vardhan

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 173

Publisher – Self-published

Innocence at its best in childhood. A child is uncorrupt and at its purest state of human being. But as soon they understand the world around, the innocence is lost somewhere.

Bulbul is just eight years and only understands the language of love and care. She lives with her mother and uncle after her parent’s separation and later divorce. She too has an elder brother who lives with her father and who came to live with them when her father decided to remarry.

This is a story of dysfunctional family, a story of bond shared between sister and brother, a story of unconditional love of a sister for her brother which she long lost after separation of their parents, a story of a girl who yearns for love and someone to listen to her; stories of her school; play with her; a true company, story of unavailability of emotional being in life. Bulbul finds her assuagement in the company of her brother and afraid to share her brother with any other person, especially when it comes to sharing it with another girl, any girl.

The story is sweet and agreeable of a two people who are bonds by nature in a beautiful relation of a sibling. The character of Bulbul carries so much innocence that it is hard not to fall in love with her. One may feel pity for her, hate her for her doing but no good to hold back to love her.

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